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Book of Isaiah



Isaiah chapters 24-27 predict events of the future Tribulation Period and the Millennium, and have no parallel in the Old Testament, except in Zechariah chapters 9-14.

A number of certain statements prove the last days fulfillment of this entire section. I will try to emphasize them as we come to them. In some parts it is clear that the language is highly symbolic; but if we follow the most basic principle of Biblical interpretation, we should take everything literally if we possibly can, and then carefully observe from the rest the literal truths conveyed by the figures of speech.

Chapters 13 through 23 pronounce the destiny of several cities and nations as being condemned: Babylon, the Philistines, Moab, Damascus, Egypt, Tyre. After Isaiah foretold the destruction of the foreign nations, the enemies of Judah, Isaiah now declares the judgments to come on the people of God (Israel) themselves for their wickedness and apostasy, and the desolation that shall be brought on their entire population, Jews and Gentiles!

Chapters 24 through 27 seem to have been delivered by Isaiah about the same time . . . before the destruction of Moab by Shalmaneser (Isa.25:10), therefore before the destruction of Samaria; probably in the beginning of Hezekiah's reign. Not all commentators agree on this.
Some refer it to the desolation caused by the invasion of Shalmaneser; others to the invasion of Nebuchadnezzar; and others to the destruction of the city and nation by the Romans. Another applies it to the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes. Quite possibly, it may refer to the three great miseries of the country, by Shalmaneser, by Nebuchadnezzar and by the Romans; especially the Romans, for some parts seem more fully to apply. Isaiah the prophet chiefly uses general images (symbols); such as set forth the greatness and universality of the ruin and desolation that is to be brought upon the country by these great revolutions, involving ALL orders and ALL degrees of men, who bring about the changes, that entirely alter the face of things, and destroy the entire society, both religious and civil.

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