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Book of Isaiah

Redemption through the Suffering Servant (Isaiah 49-57)

A. Bringing Hope (49:1-5:3)
B. Bringing Comfort (50:4-11)
C. Instilling Awareness of God (51:1-23)
D. Instilling Anticipation of Release (52:1-12)
E. Securing Salvation for the Many (52:13-53)
F. Describing Salvation (54:1-17)
G. Responding to Our Lord (55:1-13)
H. Overcoming Being Excluded (56:1-8)
I. His Discernment, Selectivity and Exercising Judgment (56:9-57:21)

Review of Isaiah Chapters 49-57

The background and setting of Isaiah Chapters 49-57 has two parts, describing Judah’s relation to the two great world powers of the day. The first 37 Chapters of Isaiah assure her that in spite of Assyria’s power and the fall of the northern kingdom, the LORD will defend her, and Chapter 37 ends describing the destruction of the Assyrian army at the gates of Jerusalem.
The second section of 29 chapters, starts with a visit of Babylonian ambassadors to Jerusalem, anticipating the Babylon captivity and emphasizes the future return from Babylon. After the historical narrative of Chapters 38-39, the second section has three parts of nine chapters each.  Each section ends with a unflinching statement of God’s judgment on the wicked.
Ch.40-48: Isaiah 48:22 There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked. (KJV)  
Ch.49-57: Isaiah 57:21 There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked. (KJV)
Ch.58-66: Isaiah 66:24 And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh. (KJV)  

All three of these last sections end with the same idea . . . there shall be no peace, to the wicked. The Messiah brings peace, but any and all who reject Him will NEVER know peace. Turning TO idols is turning AWAY from the Messiah. As we have seen, this section has majored in a condemnation and rebuke of idolatry. Idolatry is a road that leads to Babylon. The LORD, in the Book of Isaiah, is traveling the lonely road to Calvary. BEWARE!!! ALL idolatry and witchcraft are an abomination to the LORD: (Deut.27:15; 1 Ki.11:7; 23:13; Isa.44:19; Jer.32:35; Eze.18:12; Dan.12:11; Mal.2:11; Rev.21:27)         

These chapters deal with three broad subjects:
• God demonstrates His supremacy over the gods of Babylon, in spite of the coming defeat, by predicting the future. Israel, although blind and deaf, is called as a witness to His protest.
• God will raise up His Servant to redeem and restore His people.
• Israel is sinful, but God shall one day restore them to faith in Him and willing service to Him.

All three of these subjects are present in the first nine-chapter section (40-48). The encounter between the LORD and the pagan gods drops out in the second and third sections, and the title of the Servant of the Lord is not found in the third section, even though the Person chosen by this Title is dominant. Changes of characters and speakers mark the structure. The section is centered around the watchman’s triple call in Isaiah 51:9 through 52:12. God's people are portrayed as a woman, and here God warns and invites His people.

What we find in this section:
The LORD and His Servant, His Agent of Salvation (Isa.49:1-13).
Conversation between the LORD and the Servant (Isa.52:13 through 53:12)
The LORD and the Woman (Isa. 49:14 through 50:3)
The LORD and His Servant (Isa. 50:4-9)
The LORD Challenges His People, a warning and invitation to receive salvation (Isa.50:10 through 51:8; 55:1 through 57:21)
The Watchman’s Call (Isa.51:9 through 52:6-12)

Good reasons to study the Book of Isaiah:

It increases our faith in Jesus as the Messiah, as we read the Messianic prophecies that were fulfilled in Him. http://hisservants.org/faith_h_s.htm

It reinforces our hope in God as the One who is always in control of all things, and will bring His Promises and purposes to pass. http://www.godcannotlie.org/1_thes_ch1,htm.html

It encourages our love for God and His Messiah, as we see the blessings that are to be found in our obedience to God's Word . . . and it should encourage us to love and trust Him because we see that God also keeps His Promises of wrath and curses (Deut.11:28; Deut.27:15 through 28:19; Jer.11:3; 17:5). http://www.lastdaysprophecy.org/L_D_promises_god's_wrath_1.htm

It increases our understanding and knowledge as to how and why God ruled in the nations in the past, and how Christ shall exercise His rule in the nations in the last days. (Isa.65:17-25; Rev.20:1-15). http://www.judgmentcoming.org/noah_millennium_after_tribulation.html

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