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The Book of Hosea

I will do the Hosea Commentary similar to my other Commentaries . . . in that I will bring the verse or verses in the KJV, followed by what it is saying to me. What I write will be a personal comment, it is NOT Scripture.

The Book of Hosea, is "the Prophecy of Hosea the Prophet." It is one of the twelve 'lesser' or 'minor' prophets, so called, NOT because their words were of less value, credit or authority, than the other 'major' prophets; but are called 'minor' because of the lack of the many or 'much words' of the 'major' prophets. Some times a 'few' words can reach a person much quicker than a very lengthy chronicle.

The prophecy of Hosea, is one of the many great Books of the Bible; this man, Hosea, was a very remarkable prophet. I am like some commentators who do not like the classification of the prophets as Major and Minor. EVERY single one of these men, were called of God, to do as He told them to do, and each one DID the Lord's bidding by obedience to Him. Whether they wrote a long prophecy or not, each individual was quite an outstanding man. Neither Elijah or John the Baptist, ever wrote anything; yet they were TRUE prophets of God.

Nearly all the messages of the writing prophets belong to the period of the "divided kingdom" (1 Ki.11:9-13; 12:16-20). When the kings failed, God then raised up prophets to speak to the nation for Him.

In the time line, the prophecy of Hosea belongs before Jeremiah. Hosea was contemporary with Isaiah, Micah and Amos, in the northern kingdom. Hosea and Amos were prophets in the northern kingdom, Isaiah and Micah in the southern kingdom.

Hosea compares in many ways to Jeremiah. Jeremiah was the last prophet before the southern kingdom went into captivity; but more than a hundred years before that, Hosea was a prophet in the northern kingdom. He, like Jeremiah, warned the nation of its impending captivity. http://www.judgmentcoming.org/j_c_israel_captivity.htm

Both men spoke out of a heartbreaking personal experience, although Jeremiah's was more public. Hosea's experience was in the home while Jeremiah's was in the nation. Jeremiah loved his nation, and it broke his heart to give them such a harsh message, but God certainly chose a very compassionate and tenderhearted man for the job. Was Hosea as tenderhearted as Jeremiah? I think so. Hosea's wife was unfaithful to him and became a prostitute, but he loved her so much that he went back and took her again, but again she played the harlot. Only a kind, loving and tenderhearted man could have endured the misery Gomer put him through. Because this man's heart had been broken, he could speak God's message to His nation.

Some things to consider:
"The word of the Lord" is used three times (Hos.1:1,2; 4:1).
Hosea, salvation. The only man whose name is spelled this way (Hos.1:1-2). He is also called "Osee" in Rom.9:25.
Jewish tradition identifies Beeri with Beerah of Reuben (1Chr.5:6). Christian tradition makes Hosea of the tribe of Issachar.

Hosea was a prophet to the 10-tribe kingdom, but he also had warnings for Judah. He prophesied in the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, and in the days of Jeroboam, king of Israel. The period must have been at least 72 years, for if he prophesied during the last 2 years of Jeroboam, there would be 38 years in the rest of the time of Uzziah's reign to be counted, besides 16 years of Jotham's reign and 16 years of Ahaz's reign (making a total of 72 years); this would not include any time of his prophesying in the reign of Hezekiah (Hos. 1:1). The book of Hosea points to the imminent destruction of the 10 tribes and the fall of Samaria (predicted in Hos.13:16), which took place in the 6th year of Hezekiah. The Book of Hosea is quoted in the N.T. in Mat.2:15; 9:13; 12:7; Rom.9:25-26; 1 Cor.15:55; 1 Pet.2:5,10.

Hosea stated that God spoke by him. There are 26 Commands given by God to Hosea in Hosea's Book: (Hos.1:2,4,6,9; 2:1,2; 3:1; 4:1,15,17; 5:1,8; 6:1; 8:1; 9:1; 14:1,2).

The prophet's wife was a woman of the northern kingdom and was therefore regarded as an idolatress, being the child of people in a nation which had gone deep into idolatry. She became unfaithful to her husband, Hosea, just as Israel was unfaithful to Jehovah (Hos. 2:1-13). http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/7895-hosea-book-of

"Whoredom" referred to here not only meant backsliding from Jehovah, being unfaithful to Him, but included actual sex orgies and outlandish perversions in connection with idols: (Ex.20:4,7,14; 22:19-20; Lev.18:20-23; 19:29; 20:13; Deut.31:16; Jud.2:17; 2 Ki.9:22). Stupidity of Idolaters: (Ex.10:3; Lev.26:21,27; Deut.8:20; 10:16-17; 28:15; 1 Sam.15:23; 2 Chron.25:16; 36:15-16; Ps.78:8; 95:8-11; Pro.1:24-31; 29:1; Isa.1:20; 16:12-13; 25:4; 26:4; 26:10; 29:19; 42:14; 46:12; 48:4; 6:9-11; 44:18-20; Eze.20:39; 33:31; Hos.4:16; Mal.2:2; Mat.13:14-15; 18:16; Rom.2:8; 10:3; Heb.3:8,15; 4:7; Rev.9:20-21).

In the first three chapters of Hosea we have that which is personal, the story of the prophet and his faithless wife, Gomer. We see the scandal of his home and the gossip of the town.

Hosea does not come as Ezekiel and Zechariah often do, with strange visions; but his brief style, unique to himself, many times makes it difficult to understand the genuine sense of his words. The prayer of help from the Holy Spirit helps, as always.

It was a very corrupt age our prophet did live in, and you will find him bold and sharp against the vices of the ten tribes. He makes it very plain and open in his threats about their gross sins, which he did see punished; for he lived to see Samaria taken, and Hoshea made a prisoner, and the people carried captives (2 Ki.15:30; 17:1; 18:1,9). It is not agreed upon, when Hosea began to prophesy, and neither is it agreed upon how long he continued to prophesy. It is his words to Israel . . . and to US, that is important!

The kings of Judah and of Israel, in whose time he first appeared as a prophet, had long reigns; the one 41 years, the other 52 years. All DO agree that he continued as a prophet of God a very long time, 70 years at least, and some say up to 90 ninety years. The sum of what he prophesied is given to us in short spurts, rather than in a continued discourse.

Hosea preached in Israel, flatly stating to them what their sins were; boldly and strongly advising them to repent; promising them mercy upon SINCERE repentance; BUT threatening grievous judgments on their impenitence! Hosea foretold their rejection of God IF they did not amend their ways; but also comfort of the godly obedient ones, predicting mercy to them. He intermingled many promises of the future kingdom and Coming of the Messiah, to whom many should be converted, and by Him be saved, and especially many of the two tribes, who hear from Hosea a more comfortable message (of returning to their own land) than Israel, which must not expect any such return, for the whole body of the people. Hosea closes his whole prophecy either with a form of confession and supplication for the remnant returned, or a prediction in what manner they would return, confess, supplicate, and rely upon God alone; to which duty performed, he adjoined sweet and excellent promises, containing both temporal and spiritual blessings, Hos.14:1-9.

Book of Hosea

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