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Types of Christ in the Old Testament

Eve as a Type of Bride of Christ

Eve, in Hebrew, is the word Chavvah (Khav-vaw'). It was the name given after the fall; the second name given by Adam. (Gen.3:20). Meaning of Eve: Life giver or first woman; to declare or show; give (promise) life; be whole; mother of all living.

Woman, in Hebrew, is the word Ishshah (Ish-shaw'). It was the first name given by Adam. (Gen.2:23). Meaning of woman: Maness; together; wife; female; multiplied many; a designation referring to her relation to the man.

Eve, taken out of Adam's side during the deep sleep, is a picture of the Church being taken out of Christ's side while He tarries. (John 19:34-35)
Woman (the Church) formed from man's (Christ's) body, sets forth the dependence of the woman (the Church) upon the man (Christ) and also gives the close relationship.
Just as Eve was a part of Adam, so too, are we a part of Christ. (Eph.1:22-23; 2:15-1 6; 5:22-23)

Like Eve, we all are in danger of being led away from the simplicity of Christ's teaching and of being hurt by the "subtilty of the serpent," which brings disunity. (2 Cor.11:2-3; I Tim.2:13)

God did not give Adam dominion of the Earth until Eve was with him.
Christ will not have dominion of the Earth until His bride, the Church, is with Him in the millennial age.

Woman was given to man for fellowship, same as our fellowship with Christ. (Gen. 2:18)
God brought the woman to man, as the Church will be brought to Christ. (Gen.2:22; John 6:44)

Even though Eve did NOT receive the command first, she was still obligated to keep it.
She knew better. (Gen.2:9). When Eve spoke to the serpent "...Tree which is in the midst...," she spoke as if only one tree existed. (Gen.3:3). This shows the tree she had in mind, the one NOT allowed!

Temptation: Who's will will be exercised? Eve's temptation was three fold and addressed the body, soul and spirit. (Gen.3:6). The same temptation order was given to Jesus. (Luke 4:3, 7, 9-10). Jesus resisted~! Eve did NOT! The same temptations are put before us daily. (I John 2:16). Satan told Eve she would gain for herself new delight if she ate. He deceived her, he deceives us today!

Trouble came from grabbing that which did not belong to her. Eve's disobedience reveals woman's impulsiveness, and man's decision to follow her even to the depths of sin, which he KNEW was the disobeying God.

The Curse on Woman. Bear children in travail and be subject to her husband. (Gen. 3:16). Satan, in both cases (Eve and the Church), tried to spoil God's work. The object was to cause doubt in God's word and His goodness. (Gen.3:4). He is still very hard at work today in the TRUE church . . . the bride of Christ. Satan is NOT concerned with the cults or modern-day seeker friendly churches. They all are in his hip pocket! BEWARE my friend!

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