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Types of Christ in the Old Testament

Elijah as a Type of Christ

There is no doubt that Elijah was a type of Christ in the flesh. His spirit alone is a type of Christ. His calling down fire from Heaven is a type of the future Christ. His trust in the God of Israel . . . the only TRUE God in the Universe, is a type of Christ. His prayer to God is a type of Christ. His protection from his enemies is a type of Christ. The altar Elijah repaired is a type of the cross of Christ. Elijah's being taken by God in a whirlwind is a type of Christ's resurrection.

The events surrounding the battle between the actual characters of Elijah, Ahab, Jezebel and false prophets as recorded in 1 Kings are actual prophetic foreshadowings and a type of the current battle today in the Spirit realm between the powers and forces of light (good) and of darkness (evil).

I believe that Jesus is coming again . . . very soon, according to signs of the times! See or articles on end times: www.lastdaysprophecy.org/L_D_end_times_prophecies.htm

The Rapture of the church (1 Thes.4:13-18) could take place at any time! Millions of 'professing' Christians are NOT ready to meet Him. And the lazy, non-caring church clergy sits in silence. WHY? Why are they are failing to warn members of Jesus' imminent return? Could it be that these illustrious preachers do not believe it? During Christ’s first coming, the Lord sent a man named John. This rugged, Godly man actually operated in the Spirit of Elijah, to prepare the way for Christ's First Coming. John's message then is the SAME message of the forerunner spirit TODAY! We have NO John the Baptist today. My friend, we (TRUE) Christians are set up by God to be the forerunner, a preparer of the way for the Lord’s Second Coming at the Rapture! Scripture verses referring to watching for the Coming of Christ: Isaiah 21:8; Mat. 24:42; 25:13; Mark 13:33,37; Luke 12:37; 21:36; 1 Thes.1:10; 5:5-6; 1 Pet. 4:7; 2 John 1:8; Rev.3:11.

PREACHERS: Are you preaching like John the Baptist preached? Are you telling people to wake up because Jesus COULD come today? TEACHERS: Are you telling your students that Christ COULD come today? ALL Born Again Children of God: Do you really believe Jesus COULD come at any moment? Are YOU telling others? Pretty serious stuff we are entrusted with! Consider the following Passage:

Ezekiel 3:17-19 Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. [18] When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. [19] Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. (KJV) . . . My friend, WE are God's "watchmen" over the church today!

Watchmen On The Wall

Watchmen on the wall, is what we must be,
Exposing false teachers, and heresies.
When danger lurks, the trumpet we must blow,
We must strive to keep souls, from Hell below.

We must in obedience, serve the Lord,
We must get wisdom, from His Holy Word.
We must serve our Master, willingly,
As we look forward, to eternity.

So many vile, false teachers, do abound,
These evil wolves can’t keep you, safe and sound.
Falsely they teach, damnable heresies,
That will only lead, to Hell’s agonies.

‘Tis abominable, what these wolves spout,
These wolves are leading souls, down the wrong route.
Where are the watchmen?? There’s desperate need!
For these hungry wolves, on trusting souls feed.

There are FAR too few, watchmen on the wall,
Not exposing danger, no trumpet calls!
Watchmen are needed, it’s a necessity,
To e’er realize, Heav’n’s prosperity.

If you’re a Christian, a TRUE child of God,
You must stand up and expose, these wolves’ fraud!
We are stewards, of God’s manifold grace,
We must obey God, and do it with haste!
By His servant, Connie Kramer Aug.22,2009 #1242
Neh.4:9; 7:3; Isa.21:6-9; 62:6; Jer.51:12; Eze.3:17; 33:2-3,6
Isa.56:10; Ps.130:5-6; 2 Pet.2:1; Mat.13:42; 25:41,46; 2 Thes.1:8-9; Rev.20:15. Heresies: Mat.7:15; Ac.20:29; 2 Cor.11:4; Gal.1:6-7; Eph.5:6; Col.2:8; 1 Tim.4:1; 6:20; 2 Pet.3:17; Rev.2:14
Ezekiel 3:17 Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. (KJV) . . . Just as Ezekiel was a “watchman” over Israel, so too are we today, “watchmen” over the church. BEWARE my friend, it is a serious, sobering job!
1 Peter 4:10
As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. (KJV)

Jezebel (then and now) has always had one plan and only one plan . . . destroy the works and people of God. IF we are to operate under the spirit of Elijah, as did John the Baptist, WE must have one plan . . . exposing the works of darkness by serving and doing the will of God. The end time battle is gaining strength as we draw closer to the end of the age. The evil far out-number the good! The child of God is the one who is ultimately in the cross fire of this Satanic spirit that is destroying homes, churches, individuals and striving for the heart and soul of entire nations . . . including the USA!

The events about the battle on Mount Carmel between the literal characters of Elijah, Ahab, Jezebel and the false prophets are prophetic foreshadowings of today's battle in the Spirit realm between the powers and forces of good and evil. Luke 18:8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (KJV) . . . This is prophecy, from Jesus! It speaks of today! TRUE Christians with FAITH are rapidly diminishing. Satan has SO many 'professing' Christians (hypocrites) on his side . . . SO many false teachers and false preachers.

Ahab and Jezebel

1 Kings 16:31 And it came to pass, as if it had been a light thing for him to walk in the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, that he took to wife Jezebel the daughter of Ethbaal king of the Zidonians, and went and served Baal, and worshipped him. (KJV) . . . These two characters served the powers of darkness. Ahab’s name means ‘father’s brother,’ speaking of His father, Omri, who was one of many in the line of wicked rulers in Israel. Omri was the most wicked king to rule Israel until Ahab, his son, ruled. Like father, like son. Ahab became easy prey for the conniving wicked Jezebel who was more than willing to step in and grab power from her weak, wicked husband. Think of the Ahabs and Jezebels we have today?

Israel then, was in a deep spiritual apostasy due to Baal worship . . . which has tremendous parallels to today's times. Then, here comes Elijah. 1 Kings 17:1 And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word. (KJV) . . . This 'nobody' stood before the king and boldly told him that there would be NO rain until he said so. WOW! What bold FAITH!

Baal worshippers thought Baal to be the god of the weather. Elijah told Ahab that the LORD God of Israel was the true God, NOT Baal. Today's churches should seriously consider Elijah's words. ALL the multitude of false gods that people promote today, such as psychology, new age foolishness and other man-made ideas they claim can change America CANNOT and will NOT produce righteousness in our nation. IF the power of the Holy Spirit CANNOT change people, then “40 days” of whatever, CANNOT change them either! Woe be to these 'seeker friendly' churches! Is it wrong to expose false teachers? NO! NO! NO! It is NOT wrong! We MUST be willing watchmen, or we displease God!

After Elijah's bold words to Ahab, the heavens closed and the rain stopped. Jezebel was furious and put a bounty on Elijah, sending spies to hunt for him. But God hid him, first by a brook (1 K.17:1-7), where God sent a raven to feed him, then in a widow’s house in Zarephath (1 K.17:8-16).

In her fury over the drought, Jezebel killed all the true prophets of the Lord that she could find. This speaks of the anger this evil spirit has for the Elijah’s of today. It was at this time that Obadiah took 100 of God’s prophets and hid them in a cave. Then Obadiah met Elijah who told him to go get Ahab and meet him on Mount Carmel.

The Carmel Experience

1 Kings 18:17-19 And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel? [18] And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father's house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the Lord, and thou hast followed Baalim. [19] Now therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the groves four hundred, which eat at Jezebel's table. (KJV) . . . Ahab sees Elijah and asks him, “are you the one who troubles Israel?” Satan’s followers believe it is the church and the true prophets of the land who are against them and causing the problems we see in society today. We have come to the place where evil is called “good” and “good” is called evil (Isa.5:20).

Part of Baal worship was human sacrifice, especially children. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that this SAME evil spirit operates through many leaders today in our government! Obama once said that if his 15 year old daughters got pregnant, he would not want them to have the “problem” of a child at their age and abortion would be the appropriate response. Hillery Clinton in 2005 boldly proclaimed that the wicked law of Roe v. Wade of 1973 “struck a blow for the rights of every woman in America” to abort babies they do not want, thus making the horrific worldly law into something “grand” and “glorious” instead of describing it as the Satanic evil that it is. Abortion is an abominable SIN and is sickening in the eyes of God, and should be sickening to all people!

When a TRUE Christian tells the world that homosexuality is a sin according to God and His Holy Word, they are labeled as a hate monger . . . instead of the world seeing homosexuality as the wickedness and evil that it is. Homosexuality is NOT a disease, NOT an alternative lifestyle; homosexuality is a SIN! It is an “abomination” in God's sight and He does NOT condone it in any way, shape or form. BUT, many of today's churches have begun to ordain these ungodly sinners as their leaders . . . despite the warnings in the Word of God and those with the spirit of Elijah who are warning the nation of the consequences of what will happen if we keep on the wicked path. We are not very far away from electing a homosexual President. I wonder just how many in our government already are homosexual . . . homosexual AND on drugs!

Elijah was NOT the one who troubled Israel and the TRUE church is NOT the one who troubles America. It is the APOSTATE church that is the one who troubles America! It is leading to millions to Hell. Certain judgment looms unless the nation repents and soon! See our articles on apostasy: . . . . . . . . . . . . . www.worldlychaos.org/w_c_an_apostate_world.1.htm

1 Kings 18:19 Now therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the groves four hundred, which eat at Jezebel's table. (KJV) . . . Hollywood could never come up with anything to even come close to what happened on Mount Carmel that day long ago. All alone stood Elijah, the prophet of God on one side, and 850 of Jezebel’s false prophets (1 K.18:19) on the other. I'm not sure where Ahab was when all this was going on. The issue was “which God will answer by FIRE!?” Baal was the heathen god that supposedly had control of the sky and weather. He was worshipped as the god who rode the clouds, a deity of the sky who understood lightning, and who set his thunder-bolt in the heavens.

450 prophets of Baal, and 400 prophets of Ashtoreth ate at Jezebel’s table. Some thing that sends chills down my spine . . . how many so-called "prophets" today in the USA are “eating at Jezebel’s table?” How many have this evil spirit and prophesy lies to a nation that desperately need to hear the Truth? How many have submitted to this seducing spirit (1 Tim.4:1) that cause people to compare righteousness with money and filthy lucre instead of calling the nation to repentance and declaring the Cross of Christ as man’s ONLY hope for salvation and righteousness! How many are controlled by the sprit of Jezebel instead of being controlled by the Holy Spirit who alone can deliver the sinner and set the captive free because of the precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Elijah’s question to the false gods on Carmel is his REBUKE to the modern church today: “how long halt you between two opinions?" 1 Kings 18:20-21 So Ahab sent unto all the children of Israel, and gathered the prophets together unto mount Carmel. [21] And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word. (KJV) . . . I love this man! Elijah called upon the people to choose whom they would serve . . . but they refused to speak. They had simply gathered to see “the show.” They were NOT interested in answering the prophet’s question that concerned their eternal soul . . . and neither are people today. “Halt” means to waver and go after a crooked course. They wavered between serving the Almighty Creator God and Baal . . just like today.

What about the church today? Are we not allowing grand stand performers into our churches who do nothing more than perform demonic dances around the altar making people think they are worshipping the true God when in fact they are worshipping Baal and embracing the spirit of Jezebel? This is the reason Jesus warned Thyatira for tolerating such a spirit. Revelation 2:20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. (KJV) . . . It is utter heresy and blasphemy that we allow lasciviousness in our churches by the entertainment we allow to touch our children and young people? My friend, if what is going is NOT true worship in the Holy Spirit (and it is NOT) . . . then it can only be the Spirit of Jezebel and it will cause those under its influence to “commit fornication” with the world. Jesus said those who commit adultery with this spirit shall be thrown with her and her children into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. They will NOT be taken out at the Rapture! The spirit of Jezebel wars against the message of the Second Coming of Christ and seeks to replace it with a seducing, false message . . . saying that we do not have to prepare for the coming of the Lord, which is wrong!

The people answering Elijah “not a word,” is the same with the modern church today. The world is sliding on a slippery downward course headed for Hell! More and more are joining in with this antichrist crowd . . . rejecting the true preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is their ONLY hope.

The people watched as all the false prophets put their sacrifice on their altar and called upon their god all day long to answer with fire with NO results (1 K.18:24-29). Elijah mocks and ridicules the prophets of Baal and their ludicrous rituals (verse 27).

Instead of going along with the foolishness in the church today . . . we need to do what Elijah did! Bring all their ungodliness and wickedness into the light! Even though we may be ridiculed and mocked by the world, we must obey God, NOT man (Acts 5:29). In the history of Christianity . . . that which the 'church' embraces as “good” is usually an abomination to God and detestable in His sight; while that which the church world calls “detestable,” and rejects, is what God receives, embraces and accepts! See: www.worldlychaos.org/w_c_catholic_anathemas.1.htm

1 Kings 18:27 And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked. (KJV) . . . Elijah asks these false prophets is their god, “pursuing,” which means a withdrawal into a private place, is he “sleeping?” Is he “talking,” or on a "journey"? None of their dancing, none of their cutting themselves, and none of their rituals brought down the fire of their god upon Mount Carmel. And ALL the false gods of today are just as incompetent!

1 Kings 18:28 And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them. (KJV) . . . All the modern churches of today with their ridiculous activity, rock bands and loud screaming and all its dancing, motion and man-made schemes . . . NONE of this will bring down the blessings of our Almighty Creator God! It is all spiritual stupidity, just as the stupidity of the prophets on Mt. Carmel so long ago. God does NOT answer by fire because of the flesh! God hates the flesh (John 4:24)! God sees all that ridiculous fleshly activity in His House and it makes Him sick.

The TRUE God Answered By Fire

1 Kings 18:29-32 And it came to pass, when midday was past, and they prophesied until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that there was neither voice, nor any to answer, nor any that regarded. [30] And Elijah said unto all the people, Come near unto me. And all the people came near unto him. And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down. [31] And Elijah took twelve stones, according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob, unto whom the word of the Lord came, saying, Israel shall be thy name: [32] And with the stones he built an altar in the name of the Lord: and he made a trench about the altar, as great as would contain two measures of seed. (KJV) . . . The false prophets of Baal prophesied falsely all day long and got NO answer. Baal could NOT produce lightning, thunder and had no voice and no clouds! Elijah brought the people closer to him. He took twelve stones, representing the tribes of Israel, and repaired the broken altar, thus building an altar in the Name of the Lord.

The CROSS is man’s ONLY hope for salvation. That altar Elijah rebuilt was a type of the Cross of Christ. It was absolutely NOT a type of the psychologists chair or counselor’s office, or Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life unit for purpose or Joel Osteen's theology club! Elijah built a type of the CROSS where every single power of darkness was destroyed by the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Glory be to our awesome Triune God. We, like Paul should NEVER glory in anything, except the Cross of Christ (Gal.6:14).

The 12 stones pointed to eventual unity of the tribes of Israel and the promises of God concerning the nation. Israel and the cross are two cornerstones of all sound doctrinal faith in the church today! So many disagree with this including some high ranking individuals like Jimmy Carter. See our article on Israel: . . . . . . . . www.judgmentcoming.org/j_c_israel_persecution.htm

Israel as a nation is still completely blind to the message of the cross at the present time but one day she shall see the Truth (Rom.11:26-28).

The altar has today been broken down in the house of God! The altar today has been broken down in the pulpits of the house of the Lord. The altar today is broken down and must be repaired. GOOD preachers preaching and teaching of the Cross of Christ is man’s only hope and salvation is what is needed today. The “Jesus” being promoted by Oprah and Jeremiah Wright is NOT the Jesus of the Bible and their Jesus will NEVER save anyone. See our article on Another Jesus: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . www.judgmentcoming.org/j_c_cults_another_jesus.htm

He made a trench about the altar, as great as would contain two measures of seed. . . . This trench speaks of “separation,” or a coming out from among the normal system and removing all unclean things in our lives (2 Cor.6:17). Today's church needs this separation really bad! It does NOT do a bit of good to HEAR the Gospel TRUTH and then turn around and participate in the world’s pig sty slop with the ungodly! TRUE Christians are NOT like the world, NOT of the world (John 17:16; 1 John 2:15). We do NOT go where the world goes; we do NOT talk as the world talks; we do NOT act as the world acts; we do NOT go the booze joints; we do NOT get high on the multiple drugs available today; we do NOT watch the filthy soap operas movies the world watches . . . TRUE Christians are different that the ungodly. We are God's children (1 John 3:1) set apart for and unto Him. God's TRUE children do NOT lie; do NOT swear; do NOT lust after anything; do NOT drink; able bodied Christians do NOT live on welfare; do NOT live together without being married; do NOT fornicate; do NOT commit adultery, etc.

TRUE children of God walk in Christian love, forgive those who wrong us instead of cussing in anger; they handle things honestly, conduct themselves in an upright and honest manner; they pay their bills; they don’t cheat or defraud their neighbor. If they cannot afford something they just don’t get it; they don’t live above their means, etc.

Elijah filled twelve barrels of water and poured it on the burnt sacrifice.

1 Kings 18:33-35 And he put the wood in order, and cut the bullock in pieces, and laid him on the wood, and said, Fill four barrels with water, and pour it on the burnt sacrifice, and on the wood. [34] And he said, Do it the second time. And they did it the second time. And he said, Do it the third time. And they did it the third time. [35] And the water ran round about the altar; and he filled the trench also with water. (KJV) . . . The water is a type of the Holy Ghost; the barrels a type of the believer and the burnt sacrifice a type of Christ on the Cross. The church today needs to preach the power of the Cross. Pouring the water symbolizes repentance and cleansing of sin. Elijah really dramatized the suspense of the contest by repeatedly soaking the sacrifice. There were four barrels, filled three times, making 12 barrels of water poured on the sacrifice. This pointed symbolically to the 12 tribes of Israel as a symbol that national Israel is ONE in the sight of God and will always be His object of blessing.

Elijah's brief prayer.

1 Kings 18:36-37 And it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near, and said, LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel, and that I am thy servant, and that I have done all these things at thy word. [37] Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the LORD God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again. (KJV) . . . It all comes to a head during the evening sacrifice, which took place at about 3 P.M. Elijah came near to pray so that the people could hear him. This reminds us of Jesus’ prayer at Lazarus’ tomb in which He prayed out loud for Lazarus to be raised from the dead so that the people could hear Him and believe God had sent Him. Elijah, too, desired in his prayer that God would be glorified and his own ministry validated.

The Carmel experience was to “bring their heart back again.” Elijah was praying for revival to come to Israel. Israel had turned away from God and needed to repent and return! The USA needs to do likewise!

The people on Mount Carmel watched as Elijah repaired the broken altar (1 K.18:30), which is in reality a type of the Cross. Elijah now places his sacrifice on the altar. He prays a brief 63 word prayer in faith. 1 Kings 18:38-39 Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. [39] And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The LORD, he is the God; the LORD, he is the God. (KJV) . . . Immediately fire from the Lord fell, consuming not only the sacrifice but the wood, stones, dust and the water in the trench.

As Elijah prayed, the fire of God FELL! It fell as lightning from a cloudless sky, on the soaking wet wood and sacrifice, and consumed it all. This was absolute proof to the Israelites of God’s existence and power. 1 Kings 18:39 And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The Lord, he is the God; the Lord, he is the God. (KJV) . . . In front of evil Ahab and all the false prophets, the fire of Almighty God FELL and nothing could stop it. Elijah’s demonstration brought the people’s hearts back to the true God! Baal’s impotence was clearly revealed for all to see.

Elijah Slays The Prophets of Baal

1 Kings 18:40-41 And Elijah said unto them, Take the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape. And they took them: and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there. [41] And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain. (KJV) . . . ALL the prophets of Baal were killed. This is what will happen to ALL who follow Jezebel and her idols, past, present, and future. It is either repentance and back to God, or it’s the worship of Jezebel and the idolatry of her spirit.

Elijah Taken in a Whirlwind

2 Kings 2:1-11 And it came to pass, when the LORD would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, that Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal. [2] And Elijah said unto Elisha, Tarry here, I pray thee; for the LORD hath sent me to Bethel. And Elisha said unto him, As the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. So they went down to Bethel. [3] And the sons of the prophets that were at Bethel came forth to Elisha, and said unto him, Knowest thou that the LORD will take away thy master from thy head to day? And he said, Yea, I know it; hold ye your peace. [4] And Elijah said unto him, Elisha, tarry here, I pray thee; for the LORD hath sent me to Jericho. And he said, As the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. So they came to Jericho. [5] And the sons of the prophets that were at Jericho came to Elisha, and said unto him, Knowest thou that the LORD will take away thy master from thy head to day? And he answered, Yea, I know it; hold ye your peace. [6] And Elijah said unto him, Tarry, I pray thee, here; for the LORD hath sent me to Jordan. And he said, As the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. And they two went on. [7] And fifty men of the sons of the prophets went, and stood to view afar off: and they two stood by Jordan. [8] And Elijah took his mantle, and wrapped it together, and smote the waters, and they were divided hither and thither, so that they two went over on dry ground. [9] And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me. [10] And he said, Thou hast asked a hard thing: nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so. [11] And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. (KJV)

The words, "when the Lord would take up Elijah," seem to suggest that Elijah had a specially protected life . . . that it was NOT subject to the power of his enemies . . . and that he was completely under God's control at all times. It was true of the great Head of this class, Jesus in the flesh. The scribes and Pharisees made many attempts at His life before the successful one, but could NOT harm Him previously because "his hour was not yet come" (John 7:30,44). So with Elijah and Jesus . . . not even a hair of their heads could fall without God's permission.

At the Schools of the Prophets

Elijah and Elisha were at Gilgal, at which was located a "school of the prophets," where piously inclined young men sought instruction respecting the divine Law under the supervision of those who were recognized as prophets. They both had been at this place for some time, and now Elijah planned a journey, telling Elisha not to go with him. But, Elisha would not leave the older prophet, whom he considered his master, and toward whom he performed the duties of a servant. So they went together to Bethel, at which was located another "school of the prophets." We are not told how long was the stay at Bethel, nor what the prophets did or said at the school, but we do know that the pupils, known as the sons of the prophets, came privately to Elisha and in confidential whispers asked him if he was aware that the Lord was about to take from him his master Elijah.

Elisha told them that he knew but did not wish to discuss it. It seems that during the time that he had been Elijah's servant and co-laborer in the prophetic office, a deep friendship had sprung up between the two men . . . who in some respects were very unlike. Again Elijah told Elisha to tarry while he would go on to the city of Jericho; but again, Elisha refused to leave his master. When they came to Jericho, Elisha again had was asked by the sons of the prophets, whether he knew of the Lord's intention to take up Elijah, and again he refused to discuss it. For the third time Elijah told Elisha to tarry while he would go farther under the Lord's direction, not to a city but to the river Jordan, but Elisha refused and they went on together.

These visits to the schools of the prophets before Elijah was taken away doubtless had a great effect upon these students of the Lord's Word, who knew the aged prophet and his allegiance to God and God's power manifested through him. The revelation that God intended to take Elijah by a whirlwind, would prepare them for this final miracle and testify of him as a servant of the Almighty. The 50 prophets of this last school, seem to have been refrained from following with Elijah and Elisha, but they were very interested in the event they knew was about to take place. They went to a place near Jericho, overlooking the Jordan river, where they witnessed what happened. Elijah take off his mantle and rolled it into the form of a club, and smacked the waters of the Jordan, dividing them so that the two passed over on dry ground as the Israelites had previously done by the miracle which the Lord wrought through Joshua at very nearly the same place (Jos.3:14-17).

As the two prophets went on, Elijah said to Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. There is NO doubt whatsoever that Elijah knew what would happen to him. Elisha's request for a double portion of the spirit of Elijah is not to be understood as meaning twice as much of God's power as Elijah possessed, for this would have constituted Elisha a prophet of double the power of Elijah. This would be an unreasonable request for him to make . . . HOW could Elijah give more than he himself possessed?

There are several ways to look at this "double portion." #1 It may refers to the law respecting the first-born, who had a double portion of the property of his father. As Elisha may have considered himself as the first-born of Elijah, so he requested a double portion of his spiritual influence. Num. 27:20; Deut.21:17; Zec. 9:12; 12:8; 1Tim. 5:17. #2 It may refer to Elijah's prophetic ministry. #3 He asks for a double portion, not to be better than Elijah, but to honor Elijah. He does not ask for a double portion of prophetic powers, or a double portion of disciples, but a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. #4 It is hard for me to believe that any man could have a double portion of Elijah's spirit, but, exactly twice as many miracles were done in the ministry of Elisha as in that of Elijah. 14 for Elijah and 28 for Elisha, and this can be backed up by Scriptures.

Miracles of Elijah:

(1) Caused the rain the stop for 3 1/2 years (1 K.17:1)
(2) Being fed by the ravens (1 K.17:4)
(3) Miracle of the barrel of meal and cruse of oil (1 K.17:14)
(4) Resurrection of the widow's son (1 K.17:22)
(5) Calling down fire from Heaven on the altar (1 K.18:38)
(6) Caused it to rain (1 K.18:45)
(7) Prophecy that Ahab's sons would all be destroyed (1 K.21:22)
(8) Prophecy that Jezebel would be eaten by dogs (1 K.21:23)
(9) Prophecy that Ahaziah would die of his illness (2 K.1:4)
(10) Calling fire down from Heaven upon the first 50 soldiers (2 K.2:10)
(11) Calling fire down from Heaven upon the second 50 soldiers (2 K.2:12)
(12) Parting of the Jordan (2 K.2:8)
(13) Prophecy that Elisha should have a double portion of his spirit (2 K.2:10)
(14) Being caught up to Heaven in a whirlwind (2 K.2:11)

Miracles of Elisha:

(1) Parting of the Jordan (2 K.2:14)
(2) Healing of the waters (2 K.2:21)
(3) Curse of the she bears (2 K.2:24)
(4) Filling of the valley with water (2 K.3:17)
(5) Deception of the Moabites with the valley of blood (2 K.3:22)
(6) Miracle of the vessels of oil (2 K.4:4)
(7) Prophecy that the Shunammite woman would have a son (2 K.4:16)
(8) Resurrection of the Shunammite's son (2K.4:34)
(9) Pottage rendered harmless (2 K.4:38-41)
(10) Loaves increased to feed 100 men (2 K.4:42-44)
(11) Healed Naaman's leprosy (2 K.5:9-14)
(12) Perception of Gehazi's transgression (2 K.5:26)
(13) Cursing Gehazi with leprosy (2 K.5:27)
(14) Floating of the axe head (2 K.6:6)
(15) Prophecy of the Syrian battle plans (2 K.6:9)
(16) Vision of the chariots (2 K.6:17)
(17) Smiting the Syrian army with blindness (2 K.6:18)
(18) Restoring the sight of the Syrian army (2 K.6:20)
(19) Prophecy of the end of the great famine (2 K.7:1)
(20) Prophecy that the scoffing nobleman would see, but not partake of the abundance (2 K.7:1-2)
21) Deception of the Syrians with the sound of chariots (2 K.7:6)
(22) Prophecy of the seven-year famine (2 K.8:1)
(23) Prophecy of Benhadad's untimely death (2 K.8:10)
(24) Prophecy of Hazael's cruelty to Israel (2 K.8:12)
(25) Prophecy that Jehu would smite the house of Ahab (2 K.9:7)
(26) Prophecy that Joash would smite the Syrians at Aphek (2 K.13:17)
(27) Prophecy that Joash would smite Syria thrice but not consume it (2 K.13:19)
(28) Resurrection of the man touched by his bones (2 K.13:21)

There are 14 miracles I found recorded for Elijah, and double for Elisha. Very interesting.

This article sort of got away from me. But . . . Elijah is such an unusual man, I simply could not stop writing. This world today, and its churches, are leaning more and more toward the spirit of Jezebel! We are in desperate NEED of the spirit of Elijah!

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