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Types of Christ in the Old Testament

The Exodus as a Type of Christ

The Exodus was the greatest of God's acts of deliverance in the Old Testament. It was actually a series of events in which God freed His people from bondage, established a relationship with them, and gave them a land and a life as a people. The Exodus was the great example of God's salvation, God's victory, God's redemption. The Exodus, was a type of God's work of redemption and a type of Jesus' death and resurrection. When we understand the Exodus, we can better understand just WHAT God did in Christ's death and resurrection, and also better understand the Jewish celebration of the Passover.

From the earliest times, Christians have understood the different elements of the Exodus as types of Christian realities. Most of these interpretations can be found in the New Testament.

Egypt: symbolizes the land of bondage, a type of the world.
Pharaoh: was the ruler of Egypt, a type of Satan.
Armies of Pharaoh: symbolize a type of demonic spirits, the armies of Hell.
Passover: symbolizes the sparing of the people of Israel, a type of God's sparing of us through the work of Christ.
Passover (paschal) lamb: symbolizes Christ, the Lamb of God.
The blood of the lamb: symbolizes the blood on the doorposts which caused the destroying angel to pass by, a type of the atoning Blood of Christ's Sacrifice which pays for our sins.
The pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire: symbolizes the visible signs of God's Presence, types of Christ or of the Holy Spirit.
The crossing of the Red Sea: symbolizes the destruction of Pharaoh's armies and the transition out of Egypt, a type of conversion and baptism, the destruction of the hold of Satan on us and deliverance from the life of sin.
The water from the rock and the manna (the bread from heaven): symbolizes God's provision of life in the wilderness, a type of the life of Christ and the Spirit and of the Lord's Supper (Communion).
The portion: symbolizes the Promised Land of Israel was divided up and everyone received a portion, except the Levites. Their portion was God . . . they lived from the temple offerings. When the Lord is our portion, then, the Lord and our worship of Him are the source of our life (Psalms 16:5; 73:26).
Sinai: symbolizes the place of the old covenant, the giving of the law and the establishment of the people, a type of Pentecost and the new covenant in Jesus
the promised land: primarily a type of the life of the Spirit and of heaven (the life of the age to come). are the source of our life (Psalms 16:5; 73:26).

The word exodus is a form of the Greek word for going out, or departure. Strictly, it refers to the actual departure from Egypt, the leaving of the land and the crossing of the Red Sea, but more broadly it is used to refer to the whole process of God delivering His people from Egypt and bringing them to the Promised Land.
The There is a Jewish passover celebration and a Christian passover celebration. In the early church there was probably just one celebration. The Jewish Christians celebrated the Jewish passover, but they celebrated it in a different way. The celebrated the Exodus from Egypt, just like the other Jews, but they celebrated it as fulfilled by the death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus' death and resurrection was the true passover, the true deliverance from bondage. The Exodus was a type that was fulfilled in Christ.
When we remember or commemorate Jesus' death and resurrection, we hold a celebration in honor of what God did in Jesus; we proclaim what He did in Jesus and praise Him for it. We should make meditate on the event, considering just how important it is to born again believers . . . but sadly, very few take it seriously, or praise our awesome Triune God for it.

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