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Book of Isaiah

Isaiah Chapter 12

This Chapter is a thanksgiving of the faithful for their redemption. This Chapter contains a song of praise and thanksgiving for redemption and salvation by Christ Jesus.

Theme: The worship of the Lord in the Millennium; the Kingdom Age.
We have been looking at a series of prophecies which began with chapter 7 and will end with chapter 12. This prophecy began with the judgment of God upon His people. In Isaiah Chapter 11, we saw that the Kingdom would be established on Earth and that the Lord Jesus Christ would Himself reign personally, in a just and right way.

In Chapter 12, we see that the Tribulation is now over, and the storms of life are all over. Israel has entered the Kingdom, and we see them worshiping and singing praises to God, and we see Israel in the Temple, NOT at the Wailing Wall where they so often frequent today! Israel being at the Wailing Wall today, is just one of the proofs that Israel's return to the land at the present time does NOT fulfill prophecy.

This very brief chapter, just 6 verses, like Chapter 4, reads like a Psalm, for that is what it is. It is a rare jewel of beauty, for it sets before us the praise of a people under the direct and personal reign of Christ Jesus. It is pure gratefulness and praise from sincere, redeemed hearts to God because of His Salvation and Creation. The curse has been removed from the Earth, which is a great occasion to praise God for His display of goodness in Creation.

In today’s world, we are still under this curse that rests on this Earth! Nature in today’s world has sharp fangs and large, strong claws. During the Kingdom Age, it will change completely, and it will be like the beginning in the Garden of Eden, before the fall of mankind.

Praise of Almighty God for His Salvation (12:1-3)

Isaiah 12:1 And in that day thou shalt say, O LORD, I will praise thee: though thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me. (KJV)
And in that day thou shalt say
. . . singing a song of praise; just as Israel did, when they were brought through the Red Sea (Ex.15:1), and saved out of the hands of their enemies; to which there are several allusions and references. In that day marks the beginning of the Great Tribulation period and goes through the coming of the Kingdom that Christ is going to establish upon the Earth. This verse expresses the thought that the night of sin is over and the day of salvation is come. Israel has gone through the terrible night of the Tribulation, and now the Light has come. The Tribulation is over, and they enter the peace and joy of the Kingdom. This is a great occasion for thanksgiving and praise! The thing that will characterize the Kingdom Age is pure joy.
O Lord, I will praise thee . . . to praise the Lord is to confess that he is Lord, Redeemer, Saviour and King, and confess our sins and transgressions, and our unworthiness to receive any favor from Him, and gratefully acknowledge all the favors bestowed on us.
Though thou wast angry with me . . . anger is not to be ascribed to God; but the Lord IS angry when He hides His Face from His people, when He refuses to hear their cries, when He afflicts them, and continues His hand of judgment on them, and when He places a sense of His wrath into their conscience.
Thine anger is turned away . . . when the Lord grants His gracious Presence; He takes away His afflicting Hand; showing His love, His pardoning grace and mercy, and the peace and reconciliation being made by the precious blood of Christ (1 Pet. 1:18-19), which satisfies His justice (Rom.5:1), and the effects of His resentment and displeasure cease.
And thou comfortedst me . . . by shedding abroad His love in her heart (the church); by discovering the free and full forgiveness of sin; by lifting up the light of His countenance; by an application of precious Promises; and by means of the Word and ordinances, through the influence of the blessed Spirit as a Comforter (Jn.14:16); who leads in ways to comfort people, by the Blood, righteousness, sacrifice and fullness of Christ. See God’s wrath in Special Comments at the end of this chapter. Stay far away from God’s wrath!

Isaiah 12:2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. (KJV)

Behold, God is my salvation . . . or Saviour; meaning Christ, who IS God, the great God, and so fit and right to be our Saviour, and IS One, and the ONLY One who was appointed by the Father, provided in covenant, promised in the Word, sent in the fulness of time (Gal.4:4), and is become the Author of salvation (Heb.5:9; 12:2), which NO common creature could ever be.
I will trust, and not be afraid . . . we must trust completely in Christ for salvation, never once looking to ourselves for safety and security from all condemnation and wrath, and from every enemy; and not being afraid of sin, Satan, the world, death, Hell and the wrath to come.
For the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song . . . the Author of the church’s spiritual strength; the strength of her life and of her heart, which are maintained as one, and supported by the strength of her graces.
He also is become my salvation . . . salvation is brought about ONLY by Christ, and believers have it, ONLY in Him (Jn.14:6; Acts 4:12), and they know it, and believe it, and so are already saved in Him. God is my salvation, salvation has NEVER been brought to pass by ANY man (priest or pope), but by the almighty power of God.

The Hebrew, Lord is Yah and istranslated JAH (Ps.68:4) and Lord (Ex.15:2; 17:16;  Ps.68:18; 77:11; 89:8; 94:7,12; 102:18; 104:35; 105:45; 106:1,48; 111:1; 112:1,4; 113:1,9; 115:17-18; 116:19; 118:5,14,17-19; 135:1,3-4,21; 146:1,10; 147:1,20; 148:1,14; 149:1,9; 150:1,6; Isa.12:2; 26:4; 38:11). Jah is a shortened version of Jehovah (Yahweh). It is the Lord most intense and powerful. 

This verse is one of two places that LORD JEHOVAH is found: (Isa.12:2; 26:4); and this verse is one of four places where JEHOVAH can be found in the KJV of the Bible: (Ex.6:3; Ps.83:18; Isa.12:2; 26:4). It is recognized as the Name of God and means the Self-Existent or Eternal One. It is translated Lord 6,773 times.

*****Consider that the church will not say that God provided salvation . . . but that Christ IS Salvation. Salvation is a Person, NOT a program, NOT a system, NOT a ritual or rite, NOT a religious ceremony. Salvation is a Person, and that Person is the Lord Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ. Isaiah says that the people in the latter days shall praise Him for His salvation. IF we are wise, we will be grateful and praise Him NOW!

Isaiah 12:3 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. (KJV)

Therefore with joy shall ye draw water . . . these words are either an encouragement to others, or a foresight that the people would do this . . . meaning to appeal to Christ for grace. By water is meant grace, which is compared to it, because it is softening, purifying, cooling and refreshing, and quenches thirst. This water is to be drawn, as though it is to come from a deep well, a well that is so deep, that is it cannot be reached by everyone. The bucket used to reach this water is FAITH . . . and this faith is the gift of God (Eph.2:8-9). In the exercise of this faith, grace is required along with diligence, determination and effort that saints receive only from Christ.
Out of the wells of salvation . . . wells or fountains; as are ALL the three Persons of the Trinity: God the Father, as He is called the fountain of living water (Jer.2:13),    so He is the fountain of salvation; it springs from Him, from His everlasting love, His eternal purposes and His infinite wisdom. The Spirit and His grace are called a well of living water (Jn.4:14), and the Holy Spirit is also a well of salvation; for it is only He that convinces men of their need of salvation, and brings near this salvation to them, and He is also the earnest and pledge of it (2 Cor.1:22; 5:5; Eph.1:14). But more precisely, Christ Jesus is meant, who is the fountain of gardens, and well of living water (Song 4:15), in Whom alone salvation is, and in NO other. See: Our Awesome Triune God.

*****Thirsty and fainting souls shall be filled with Divine graces and comforts, which may abundantly be drawn from God in the Gospel ordinances, which was often indicated by water, both in the Old and in the New Testament. Isaiah seems to refer to the state of Israel in the wilderness, where when they had been tormented with thirst, and where they were greatly refreshed and delighted with those waters which God so graciously and wonderfully made available to them in that dry and barren land (Num.20:11; 21:16-18).

The wells speak of abundance. The salvation that comes ONLY from Christ Jesus, gives complete satisfaction and perfect joy to the heart. During the Kingdom period there will be a time of great joy, which is what the Lord Jesus truly desires for His people! He wants us to be happy now, and for ever more! Our salvation should cause us to rejoice and sing unending praises to the Lord, NOW! It is my opinion that until we experience this kind of deep, heart-felt joy, we will NEVER praise Him as we should and we cannot be a good witness to Him.

Praise of Jehovah for His Creation (12:4-6)

Isaiah 12:4 And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted. (KJV)

In that day shall ye say, praise the Lord . . . because of His Person, His perfections and for blessings received from Him, especially spiritual ones; and mainly the ones before mentioned: fullness of grace in Him, strength and salvation by Him, seeing Him as the Saviour and the many divine comforts connected to Him. Praising the Lord is giving Him the glory for the tremendous blessings, and being grateful and thanking Him for them. FAR too few people thank Jesus for all He does for them! There will be still more reason for all this in the latter day here referred to, when Antichrist will be destroyed, the kingdom of Christ will be enlarged, and His church will be in a very glorious state and condition.
Call upon his name . . . which takes in the entirety of religions worship, of which Christ Jesus is the ONLY Object; He being the TRUE God; and especially in prayer, in which in HIS Name alone, prayer should be offered! Prayer to any other will NOT be heard, according to God’s Holy Word! Prayer should be in JESUS’ Name: (Mat.18:5, 20; Mk.9:37, 41; Lk.9:48; Jn.14:13-14, 26; 16:23-24, 26).  
Declare his doings among the people . . . not just His works of creation (Jn.1:3; Rev.4:11), in which He was equally concerned with His divine Father; not just His miracles which He did when on Earth, in proof of His deity and Messiahship, and to confirm His doctrine; but His humble acts of obedience and righteousness, which were perfect; and His bearing the sins of His people, and the punishment due to them; and so fulfilling the whole law (Mat.5:17), and hereby accomplished the great work of redemption and salvation.
Make mention that his name is exalted . . . that is, He Himself, whose Name is above every name; for having obeyed, suffered and died in the place of His people. He is by His Father, according to Promise, exalted, by raising Him from the dead, receiving Him into Heaven, placing Him at His Right Hand (Mk.16:19; Lk.22:69; Acts 5:31; 7:55-56; Rom.8:34; Col.3:1; Heb.10:12; 12:2; 1 Pet.3:22); giving Him all power in Heaven and in Earth (Mat.28:18; Jn.3:35; 5:22-27; 13:3); and causing angels, authorities, principalities, and powers, to be subject to Him; all which is to be made mention of, to the honor and glory of His Holy Name.

Isaiah 12:5 Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth. (KJV)

Sing unto the Lord . . . psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Eph.5:19; Col.3:16), singing with gratitude in your hearts to the Lord; sing how great and good He is, sing what He is in Himself, and what He is to others.
For he hath done excellent things . . . He has worked out a Perfect Salvation, which excels all falsehoods in cults! Salvation in Jesus, is complete and everlasting! It is definitely a great one, in which God is glorified in ALL His perfections, and which produces eternal glory and happiness of His people.
This is known in all the earth . . . that such a salvation is completed; such a righteousness is brought in, where peace, pardon and atonement are obtained, and all enemies are conquered. The Gospel has been sent into all the world, and will be more fully preached throughout it in the latter day (Rev.Ch.7; 11:1-7; 14:6).

*****God has done great things. When the six days of Creation came to an end, God looked upon His work and said that it was good (Gen.1:4,10,12,18). When God says it is good, it is good! I think far too many fail to thank Him for a Perfect Salvation and thank Him for Creation, even though sin has marred it. Even though the Earth has been cursed with sin, it is still beautiful. Just think how beautiful it will be when the curse is removed. Let us sing praises to God now, as we wait for the day when things will be perfect under the reign of the Messiah!

Isaiah 12:6 Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee. (KJV)

Cry out, and shout . . . by singing aloud, with high praises of God!  
Thou inhabitant of Zion . . . born and brought up there, that is settled and dwells there, and is happy; since there are plenty of provisions, health is enjoyed, and the inhabitants in the utmost safety and protection, having the greatest privileges and immunities; and therefore have reason to sing and shout for joy, and especially for what follows.  
For great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee . . . the Holy One of Israel  means Christ, the Redeemer of this church (Isa.48:17), because as God, He is the God of Israel, the spiritual Israel, and as such He is holy, He is glorious in His holiness; and as Man, He sprung from literal Israel (Isa.11:1), and as Man is holy in His nature, acts and offices; and He is the Sanctifier of entire Israel, from whom they receive all their holiness. He, Christ the Messiah, is in the midst of his church, in the midst of Zion and the inhabitants there . . . to whom He has promised His Presence, which He grants, and which causes such joy and gladness, as nothing else can give! It is in Zion where He will show Himself to be great, the great God and our Saviour. He is the One and Only Saviour, and a Great Saviour indeed! He is a great King over the holy hill of Zion; and a great High Priest over the house of God (Heb.4:14) . . . because of this . . . greatness and glory should be credited to Him, and grateful, heart-felt praise be given Him, now and forever more!

*****Verses 5-6 acknowledge the great and glorious work of our redemption by the Messiah shall no longer be confined just to Israel's land, for it shall reach out to ALL Gentile nations. There should be a vigorous outburst of a redeemed soul who is giving to God all that a poor creature can give . . . and that is to offer a sacrifice of praise to God continually (Heb.13:15). Our lips should never tire of giving thanks to His Holy Name.

Many professing ‘Christians’ speak of their dedication to God, but in reality, they do NOT even know what the word dedication means. Dedication means: allegiance, commitment, devotion, love, loyalty and perseverance. In that glorious day Israel will know its meaning, and we will too.

Special Comments


I am going to give you MANY references to God’s anger and wrath. I want you to see, and understand just how many places in the Bible there are that clearly state that God is indeed a God of wrath and rightly so! Dear one, God has TWO distinct sides! YES! He certainly is a God of love! He has proven this by His sending His only begotten Son to save us from Hell! BUT . . . HE IS ALSO a God of WRATH! And IF you go against Him in any way, you shall feel that righteous and holy wrath! I pray that it will not be in Hell for eternity. http://www.godcannotlie.org/truth_about_salvation.htm

GOD'S WRATH, is His righteous anger against all wickedness
(Ex.15:7; 22:24; 32:10; 33:5; Lev.26:28; Num.11:33; 16:21, 45; Deut.1:34; 3:26; 6:15; 9:7,14,19; 11:7; Josh.22:18; Judg.2:20; 10:7; 2 Sam.22:8; 2 Ki.21:15; 22:13, 17; 23:26; 2 Chron.19:2; 24:18; 28:9; 29:8; 32:25; 34:21; 36:16; Ezra 9:11; 10:14; Neh.13:18; Job 10:17; 19:11; 20:23; 21:20; 42:7; Ps.2:5, 12; 18:7; 21:9; 69:24; 76:7; 78:21,59; 79:6; 88:16; 89:38,46; 90:7; 106:23,40; Ecc.5:6; Isa.9:19:13:9,13; 28:21; 47:6; 51:20; 57:17; 63:6; 64:5; Jer.4:4; 6:11; 10;10; 21:5,12; 32:31,37; 44:22; 50;13; Lam.3:43; 4:11; 5:22; Eze.5:13; 6:12; 7:8,14; 13:15; 20:8; 21:31; 22:21; 24:13: 25:14; 30:15; 36:6,18; 38:19; Hos.5:10; 13:11; Nah.1:2,6; Zep.1:18; Zec.1:12; 7:12; 8:14; 10:3; Mat.3:7; Lk.3:7; 14:21; 21:23; Jn.3:36; Rom.1:18; 2:5,8; Eph.5:6; Col.3:6; 1Thes.1:10; 2:16; Heb.3:11; Rev.11:18; 14:10,19; 15:7; 16:19).

GOD'S ANGER, fury, rage, resentment against sin
(Ex.4:14; Num.11:1,10; 12:9; 14:11; 22:22; 25:3; 32:13; Deut.1:37; 4:21; 7:4; 9:8,20; 13:17; 29:20,23; 31:17; 32:16,21; Josh.7:1; 23:16; Judg.2:14; 3:8; 2 Sam.6:7; 24:1; 1 Ki.8:46; 11:9; 14:15; 15:30; 16:2,26,33; 21:22; 22:53; 2 Ki.13:3; 17:11,18; 23:19; 24:20; 1 Chron.13:10; 2 Chron.6:36; 25:15; 28:25; 34:25; Ezra 9:14; Job.9:5; 21:17; Ps.6:1; 7:11; 27:9; 38:3; 74:1; 78:58’ 80:4; 90:11; 106:32; Isa.1:4; 5:25; 9:12,17; 10:4; 30:27,30; 42:25; 63:3; 66:15; Jer.3:12; 4:8; 7:20; 12:13; 15:14; 17:4; 23:20; 25:37; 30:24; 33:5; 36:7; 42:18; 44:6; 49:37; 51:45; 52:3; Lam.1:12; 2:1,21; 4:6; Eze.7:3; 13:13; 20:21,34; 22:20; 43:8; Hos.8:5; 12:14; Jonah 3:9; Hab.3:8; Zep.2:2).

GOD’S INDIGNATION, anger aroused by something unjust or unworthy (Deut.29:28; Ps.69:24; 78:49; 102:10; Isa.10:5,25; 13:5; 26:20; 30:27; 34:2; 66:14; Jer.4:26; 10;10; 50:25; Lam.2:6; Eze.20:13; 21:31; 22:31; Dan.11:36; Mic.7:9; Nah.1:6; Hab.3:12; Zep.1:15; 3:8; Mal.1:4; Mat.22:7; Mk.3:5; Jn.2:15; Heb.10:27; Rev.14:10)

DIVINE VENGEANCE, God's wrath, punishment, retribution
(Ex.22:24; 32:10,27; Lev.20:5; 26:18; Num.14:12; 21:6; 25:4; 31:3; Deut.7:10; 29:27; 32:35,41; Josh.7:15; 1 Sam.2:25; 24:12; 2 Sam.18:31; 22:48; 1 Ki.21:19; 2 Ki,9:7; 2 Chron.36:17; Job 20:23; Ps.18:47; 21:9; 56:7; 78:50; 79:10; 94:1, 99:8; 149:7; Pro.22:23; Isa.1:24; 9:17; 14:22; 31:2, 34:2,8; 35:4; 47:3; 49:26; 59:17; 61:2; 63:4; Jer.5:9,29; 9:9; 14:16; 20:12; 29:18; 36:7; 42:7; 44:6; 46:10; 50:15,28; 51:6,11,36; Lam.2:4; 4:11; Eze.7:8; 8:18; 9:8; 14:19; 19:12; 20:8,33; 22:22; 25:14,17; 38:18; Hos.2:3; 5:14; 13:8; Amos 9:4; Nah.1:2; Zep.2:11; 3:8; Lk.21:22; Rom.3:5; 11:21; 12:19; 1 Thes.4:6; 2 Thes.1:8; Heb.10:30; Jude 1:7; Rev.6:17; 18:20; 19:2)

PROVOKING GOD, inciting His anger
(Num. 14:11,23; 16:30; Deut. 4:25; 9:7,18,22; 31:20, 29; 32:16; Judg.2:12; 1 Ki.14:9; 15:30; 16:2, 7, 13, 26, 33; 21:22; 2 Ki.17:17; 21:6, 15; 22:17; 23:19, 26; 2 Chron.28:25; 34:25; Ezra 5:12; Neh.4:5; 9:18, 26; Ps.78:17, 40, 56; 106:7, 29, 43; Isa.1:4; 3:8; 65:3; Jer. 7:18; 8:19; 11:17; 25:7; 32:31; 44:3, 8; Eze.8:3, 17; 16:26; 28; 20:28; Hos.12:14; Zec.8:14; Heb.3:16)

Are YOU doing anything to provoke God’s wrath in any way! IF you are, I suggest that you stop! You do NOT want His holy and righteous wrath to come down on you. You do NOT want any part of His wrath, especially on Judgment Day when Judge Jesus could sentence you to the lake of fire! (Rev.20:15)

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